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Step Back in Time

To visit Eleuthera is to step back to
a time when life was simpler -- 
and when beaches weren't full of people.

For many, Eleuthera is the ideal balance between remote and developed – the “Goldilocks Island”of the Bahamas

“Not too cold” … meaning, more developed than other “Out Islands[1],” offering more reliable infrastructure and a better selection of activities, restaurants, stores, and flights. (This Interactive Map provides a good overview of what’s where[2].)

… and “not too hot!” ... because Eleuthera still feels pristine and authetic, without the pangs of overdevelopment and urbanization that can erode the island’s endearing charm.

A visit to Eleuthera is a strikingly different experience – and for many, a more rewarding one – than spending a week behind the sterile walls of an “all-inclusive” resort where the experience with local residents mostly entails getting hustled to buy something.  The warmth of Eleuthera comes as much from the people who live there as it does from the sun above, and it's worth experiencing.    


The discovery and rediscovery of Eleuthera

Eleuthera was settled in 1647 by English pilgrims in search of religious freedom. They named the island Eleuthera, the Greek word for freedom. The island’s long history is apparent in its villages, with their ancient whitewashed churches and colorful cottages. Governors Harbour, the provincial capital, has a collection of large and stately colonial-era homes.

Half a century ago, Eleuthera was a popular destination for the European and American jet set, including the British royal family, with resorts such as Windemere Island and Juan Trippe’s Cotton Bay Club.

In the decades that followed, Eleuthera faded into obscurity, but all that is changing now.  Beginning about 10 years ago, Eleuthera began showing up on lists of undiscovered getaway locations. Major hotel develoment companies began new projects.  Leading travel publications started paying attentin.  Travel and Leisure, for example, noted that Eleuthera, “once renowned for its picture-perfect white and pink sands somehow dropped off the traveler's map,” and described some of the early steps in the island’s rebound that had already begun. That same year, The New York times described Eleuthera as “an untold hidden gem.”



[1]     Otherwise known as the “Family Islands”

[2]     For the Interactive Map, many thanks to our friend Al Curry of Ocean Fox Cotton Bay. By the way, Al’s scuba and deep sea fishing operation is worth a closer look. Check out their website for more information on the services they offer, and also for another great perspective on "Why Eleuthera?.   

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