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About Us

Oasis of luxury

Buttonwood Reserve offers luxurious accommodations at a peaceful retreat located in the center of Eleuthera, just 3 miles from Governor’s Harbour airport (GHB).

From a high ridge over the Caribbean, the sea-to-sea view is breathtaking.  The island at this point is just over a kilometer wide, and beach lovers will need to decide which of two beaches - Caribbean or Atlantic - they prefer.

Restaurants and recreational options abound up and down the Queen's Highway.  Yet for all the convenience of being located within minutes of Governor's Harbour, the provincial capital, Buttonwood Reserve offers the tranquility of a remote beach-side location.


Buttonwood Reserve is structured provide owners of these luxurious vacation condominiums with positive economics, while minimizing day-to-day management hassle for owners:

Each condominium is individually owned.   The property and the Rental Program are managed by the Buttonwood Reserve Condominium Association (HOA), and 100% of the earnings from the Rental Program are distributed to condo owners.  Rental performance to date has been strong, and net proceeds (after all costs are taken into account) have been consistently and significantly positive.


When completed, Buttonwood Reserve will comprise a total of eight buildings (32 condominium units), of which two are already completed. All eight buildings will enjoy the unique two-ocean view that makes the property so stunning today.

The development is well capitalized and has been financed without external debt, so it does not carry the risks that sometimes plague multi-year real estate projects.


Condo owners at Buttonwood Reserve will enjoy a luxurious, high-end vacation resort for personal enjoyment, short term cash flow and, over time, increased property value as the island continues to develop.   Property appreciation is expected to be especially important for owners who invest in the early stages of the development plan, as Buttonwood Reserve continues to develop its reputation as full-service resort complex in the years to come.


The team overseeing this development brings considerable experience and dedication to the project:

Matthew Simon

Matthew Simon has been developing and managing real estate since 1983.  He is a graduate of Williams College and a former Bain and Company corporate strategy consultant.  Matt now resides in Fort Myers, Florida.   In 2004, Matt began to pursue investment opportunities in Eleuthera, and started Simon Development Group, Ltd., a Bahamian company.  As he got more involved in the island, he also started Eleuthera Vacation Rentals, which manages rental bookings for over 100 beach houses, estates, cottages, and resort properties in Central Eleuthera, and helps thousands of guests per year find the perfect accommodations for their visit.  As part of this effort, Matt and his team are an integral part of the Buttonwood Reserve Rental Program.

Jim Bramlett

Jim Bramlett has been a management consultant and financial services executive at Bain & Company, American Express, and Novantas, Inc., where he was one of the firm’s founding partners.  Jim is a general partner in Simon Development Group, Ltd, the developer of Buttonwood Reserve, and he was also one of the first to invest in purchasing one of the condominiums.  Jim currently focuses on marketing for Buttonwood Reserve and oversees the financial affairs of the Condominium Association.

Bob Colman

Bob Colman is responsible for design and construction of the buildings now on the property.  Ten years ago, Bob brought his extensive experience in architecture, design, and construction from London, England to Eleuthera and founded Colman Design.  Since then, he has been responsible for the creation of many of the most exquisite homes on the island.  We are thrilled to see the early results of Bob's judgment, skill, and absolute commitment to quality in the first two of our eight planned buildings.

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