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Floor Plans and Prices

All condos are two-bedroom, two-bathroom units..

Interior layouts highlight the spectacular ocean views overlooking both the front and rear of the units, with large bay windows, front / rear decks offering 360-degree views.

Click an image below to scroll through photo gallery, including floor plan, for last 3 condos currently available:

Building 2, Unit B, Lower Floor, North Side

Master Bedroom

2B Sea La Vie - $475,000

Floor Plan & Photo Gallery

Limited Time Promotional Offer on 2B only

Last Unit Available At This Rate
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Building 2, Unit C, Top Floor, South Side

Master Bedroom

2C Cupid's Key - $595,000

Floor Plan & Photo Gallery

Building 2, Unit D, Top Floor, North Side - SOLD

Master Bedroom

2D Entre-Deux-Mers - $595,000 (SOLD)

Floor Plan & Photo Gallery

Only 1 Unit Remaining!  
The Following Units Are all SOLD:

All condos in Building 1 are SOLD:
1A Sapodilly 
1B Serenity 
1C Kool Jumbey 
1D Casa Dos Vistas 

Two condos in Building 2 are SOLD:
2A Over the Rainbow 
2D Entre-Deux-Mers 


*Furnishings shown are available for purchase if desired.

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